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MKB Carnival: Teaching Multiculturalism Around the Holidays.

I am thrilled to be hosting this month’s Multicultural Kid Blogs Carnival. This month’s theme is Teaching Multiculturalism around the Holidays, with a specific focus on dealing with clashing cultures or traditions. As my daughters get older, they smother me with waves of questions daily. I’ve recently had to do some quick thinking on whether […]

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Planes, Trains, & Tuktuks

The Dia de los Muertos Countdown

We are now less than a month away from Dia de los Muertos my second favorite holiday after Thanksgiving. We introduced the girls to this holiday last year for the first time. We built an altar, made colour paper ‘picado’ decorations and baked pan de muerto.  On the altar, we had pictures of my grandmother, […]

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Mama’s Musings

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Me Time or We Time? Wise Words from Magnolia Ripkin

  Holiday Season is usually the time I start to lose my mind just a wee bit more. I am dashing about trying to keep life running smoothly all the while trying to create meaningful memories for my kids.  I’ll have my arm elbow-deep up a turkey’s ass while worrying if I actually did put […]

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Mama Squawks

A Special Thanks to:

Helene Demetriades for the incredible banner & Anne Radcliffe from Food Retro for helping me put it all together!