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tacos de lenguas by Johnny Stiletto

You Eat Tacos Like a Mexican

Actually I don’t. Or so my husband pointed out. I have yet to master eating a taco with one hand without having half the contents drip out the back. I had, at the time, tucked in the back end and I was discreetly holding it with my pinky finger. Not Kosher I was told. Clearly my […]

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Chalk & Apples

Loteria sheet Borracho y Negrito

La Loteria & Vocabulary Learning

I won the lottery. No seriously I did! Of course it was at the expense of my two girls 6 and 3.5, and my mother-in-law. Somehow the victory just wasn’t as sweet as I expected. And instead of money I got to eat a caramelo. We’ve just come back from two months in San Miguel […]

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Planes, Trains, & Tuktuks

Multicultural Kids Blog Telephone Travel VLog!

Hello Everyone! Once again I find I am pushing myself to the edge of my comfort zone. In fact, I think I’ve pretty much jumped off the cliff, free-fall, no parachute. The wonderful bloggers from the Raising Multicultural Kids Blogging group have decided to take a page out of Blunt Moms and to our own […]

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Mama’s Musings


Gift wrapping without paper, tape, and scissors.

Most of you have probably seen a the type of meme that regularly makes the interweb rounds. It’s usually a picture of a gorgeous woman or amazing athlete doing some sport or pose with the caption: “How I see myself….” Followed by a second picture, usually of Mr. Beeb or some other absurd character “How I actually […]

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Mama Squawks

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