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Chalk & Apples

two children sat in reading room at Alliance Francaise in Bangkok

Tracking Down my Linguistic Tribes.

If life as an expat is hard, say sleeping on wooden slats, then life as a homeschooling expat can be akin to snuggling up on a nice cement slab. I am a multilingual homeschooling expat and I don’t reside in a country that speaks any of my target languages. It’s frequently like sleeping on a bed […]

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Planes, Trains, & Tuktuks

Multicultural Kids Blog Telephone Travel VLog!

Hello Everyone! Once again I find I am pushing myself to the edge of my comfort zone. In fact, I think I’ve pretty much jumped off the cliff, free-fall, no parachute. The wonderful bloggers from the Raising Multicultural Kids Blogging group have decided to take a page out of Blunt Moms and to our own […]

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Mama’s Musings


“Kindness Wins”, a How-To Manual for Parents in Our Digital Age.

This meme circulates Facebook’s global currents and resonates with me deeply. I won’t go into details but I can say how grateful I am that my early days of  drinking at a small NYC bar –aptly called the Village Idiot where a flash of your boobs would get you a free shot of bourbon –were survived back […]

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